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The mission of Nativity School is to challenge students to realize their potential by providing a quality Catholic education for youngsters regardless of their family's economic level and by fostering students' appreciation of continued education.

   Statement of School Philosophy

Nativity Catholic School is an integral part of the mission of Nativity Parish and stands as a beacon of hope to the Vermont community. Through facilitation of learning in a peaceful, Catholic community environment, educators at Nativity School strive to establish conditions that foster the religious, academic, aesthetic, social, and physical growth of students. By example, support, and action, the Nativity staff encourages students to appreciate the value of education and life-long learning. Students are given tools to fulfill their potential as responsible, participating members of family, of the Church, and of society. By learning Catholic teachings and practices, students grow in understanding the importance of being faithful to commitments and of service to others.  The Nativity staff affirms the interrelationship of the school, home, and Church, recognizing that parents are the primary educators of the children served.



Students graduating from Nativity School will be

Joyful Christians
willingly participate in their parish and school community
respect  life and the world in which we live
 follow the example set by Jesus
 have a personal prayer life
evidence knowledge of the teachings and practices of the Church
exemplify that they understand the difference between right and wrong
make good choices based on Christian values
give service

Persevering Individuals
possess self-esteem
develop positive, wholesome relationships
communicate effectively
 think independently
 cope with stress and challenges
aim to achieve
evidence decision-making ability

Self-Motivated Learners
know subject matter appropriate for their grade level
solve problems
work alone or in groups
think critically
evidence creativity
value continual learning
appreciate fine arts
 effectively utilize technology
 practice life skill
  make connections

Active Citizens
 respect others' rights
celebrate diversity
evidence a sense of community
attempt to resolve differences respectfully
set good example
accept that their actions have consequences
demonstrate good sportsmanship
demonstrate leadership ability
 appreciate persons with disabilities

Health Conscious Individuals
 practice good nutrition
 value rest and exercise as important for health
 practice good hygiene
 lead a healthy lifestyl

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